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Ad Astra Cover No. 7 by Joe-Singleton Ad Astra Cover No. 7 by Joe-Singleton
Ad Astra #7 cover. A Flash of Lightning--A Peal of Thunder

Holding the portal open we have the tiny figure of Bridger, the red-winged girl is Angelfire, Wellspring, Cassandra, Nimbus, Clay, Brainchild, Lithic, and Skitter.
Greybird007 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010
Your cover has intrigued me — Angelfire alone would do so, with this wing-nut {g} — and I'm also drawn to this particular action crew having so many non-humanoids. Many teams, including the Legion, haven't had nearly enough of them or for very long.

So even though I rarely fave items from ongoing comics (and may yet change my mind), I've already started checking out your Webbed creation!
Joe-Singleton Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Angelfire comes directly from Dawnstar. I can't lie, there. Of course, I'm a huge wingnut myself, one of my earliest Artistic License columns involved reintroducing Hawkman. This was long before they brought carter Hall back. I wanted to have Shayera Thal (the Hawkworld version who was still living on Earth and working as a cop)take up the Hawkwoman role again and a human guy to become the next Hawkman.
With Angelfire, I just took a name that sounds cool, and build a character around it.
I try to throw in some non-human types, even though I've set myself up with several human-inhabited worlds way out there. Some have yet to be discovered, in the series.
You know the main reason so many aliens are almost indistinguishable from humans, right? Artists spend years learning to draw the human form, and it's hard as hell to step out of that rut. Which is why so many aliens who aren't human-looking, look like anthropomorphic animals, because we learn to draw animals, too. It's damn hard envision a completely alien physignomy and draw it over and over. So, we cheat. Plus, it makes it much easier for the readers to read expressions.
For the record, Angelfire is not human-descended and also has the power to generate and control fire, it's a mutation she shares with a small number of her people.
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